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Preset Styles

Access the Style Control settings from: Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → (J15) rt_momentum_j15 or (J17) rt_momentum → Settings

Simple configure the options, then save and Gantry will automatically load the modified preset to your site.

Color Chooser Settings

A Color Chooser template uses CSS color values, combined with transparent overlay images, to determine its color and style. Therefore, you can change the entire color scheme via the Gantry Administrator. The available options are outlined below:

  • Main, Page. Showcase Primary & Bottom: Color, Text, Pattern, Link and Overlay (Light/Dark)

Background Picker

The Background Picker allows you to load a background image, either through RokGallery or the Joomla Media Manager.


  • Files Window: View all individual images from RokGallery
  • Galleries Window: View all galleries from RokGallery
  • Selection Window: Select the individual slice of a file
  • Media Manager: Load an image from the Media Manager
Image Image

Image Image

Other Style Settings

  • Load Transition: On - Off; Enable or disable the page loading transition animation effects
  • Fixed Header: On - Off; Enable or Disable a fixed floating header section.
  • Read More Style: Button and Link; Set the read more link styling for the template
  • Web Fonts: On - Off, Google Font Directory; WebFonts allow you to use 3rd party WebFonts from providers such as Google. You must SHOW then APPLY before the new fonts will show up in the Font Family dropdown.
  • Font Settings: Select a font family from the available options and also choose a default font size
    • Font Family: momentum, Geneva, Optima, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Lucida, Georgia, Palatino, or Various Google Fonts (dropdown)
    • Font Size: Default, Extra Large, Large, Small, Extra Small (dropdown)

Assigning a Style to a Specific Page

With Gantry, the ability to assign a certain style to an individual page has never been easier and/or more efficient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • (J15) Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_momentum_j15 → Menu Items → *Menu Item*
  • (J17) Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_momentum → Assignments → *Menu Item*

  • (J15) Select your preset from Presets → Style Presets, configure and save.
  • (J17) Select your preset from Show Presets, configure and save.
Gantry Framework: Per Menu Item Controls


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